Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Christmas...already?!

Well, it's done it again-- Christmas has snuck up on me! :) Every year it seems like there are fewer days in December than the year before! It's definitely a small reminder of how fast time slips away...it's our second Christmas season in Seattle! I've been reminded of this in so many small ways this week, and it's brought to mind all that has changed this past year. We've seen evidences of God's grace in so many ways, and we're so thankful for the many blessings He has given us. A year ago at this time, we were renting an apartment in West Seattle, David was self-employed with Nerds on Site, and we were praying about where God was leading us within Mars Hill Church. We had a strong burden to be "planted" in a community, but we weren't sure where that was going to be. Now, a year later, we are homeowners in West Seattle, and God has given David a full-time position at the West Seattle campus of our church! We are so thankful that God has answered our prayers to be planted in a community, and we feel blessed to be in the community of West Seattle...we love it here! :)
God has used this year to teach us a LOT. It's been a year of transition, and for us, that has meant a lot of discomfort...which is good (although I'll admit it doesn't feel so good at the time ;). God has used it to expose our idols, to draw us to Himself, to mature our character, and draw us closer to each other. We've had some rough patches, and those times have been vivid reminders to us both that we would be nothing without Jesus! So, this Christmas season, we come with hearts humbled, knowing that our Savior was born to die, so that we might live.

Our living room (per your request--
a picture of it with our furniture ;)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

An East Coast Thanksgiving-istmas

Drum roll please...here it is, a blog post! We know it's been a while...sorry! We're pretty boring people you know, we don't have that much excitement to post about! But, since we did just make a trip back to the East Coast, we can no longer use that excuse! ;) Here are some pictures from our trip -- which was busy but great! We were able to catch up with lots of friends and spend some time with family. We're so thankful for the chance to go back, and for everyone's hospitality while we were there!

Mary (Zach's fiance) making a roux, for some very yummy mac-n-cheese!

Lisa working on the mashed potatoes...one of her favorites!

The Thanksgiving-Christmas Dinner-- lots of work but oh so good... This year I had lots of helping hands, which was great (thanks guys!...and thanks Mom & Dad for a great time!).

The Kuhn/Parker Thanksgiving-Christmas Dinner--it was so nice to have everyone there!

David (Lisa's boyfriend) had his first taste of turkey in over 10 years!! I feel honored! :)

The Kuhn "kids"

David relaxing at the Robb's

Our friends, and oh so gracious hosts, Richie & Linda Robb

When on vacation, why not try something new, something different... like straightening your hair!
I think the "half and half" style could come into fashion? :)

My accomplice, Andelyn...the pro at straightening!

Linda and I

David and Ben having a youtube moment...I realized this is the only picture I have of our time with Ben and Kelly! :( I guess we were too busy playing cards!

We were able to attend our friends' annual "harvest party", which was fun... and crazy! Everyone is quadriplying! :) The adults gave up on a picture of everyone, instead attempting a picture of ALL the kids (what were we thinking?). You can guess at who goes with who. :)