Thursday, July 26, 2007

Vacation Already?

Well, we decided we worked up such a sweat moving in to our new home that we deserved a vacation. :) Not really, but since a large bunch of David's family was vacationing at Mt. Shasta, we did decide it was worth the 8 hour drive to California to visit with family not seen often enough. We had a wonderful time visiting and enjoying the beauty of God's creation.

Mt. Shasta --I could stare at it all day.

Faith (our niece) & I at the beach.

David and Titus (our youngest nephew).

The Parker-Pichura Clan
(and one new face you may not recognize!:)

And the new face is....Aaron Johnson.
(We'll let you figure out the rest) ;)

The CUTEST kids EVER!!

Mom & Dad Parker
(We are praising God that Mom had a wonderful week!!)

One more picture--gotta keep with tradition you know. ;)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Who said it rains in Seattle?

Well, after a solid week of gorgeous weather, we are starting to think that this rain thing is just a ploy to prevent overpopulation! :) Each day is filled with sunshine, perfect temperatures, and most importantly, no (or very little) humidity!

We've been enjoying the outdoors as much as possible, but are still spending a lot of time hunting for furniture. After a few days of searching, God provided us with a couch and loveseat at a great price, and they're nice and comfy! :) Although we still have much to do in terms of household decor, we are trying to get involved at church as well. We've met a bunch of great people and are excited to get more involved by joining a community group, and by serving at church. So, overall, things are going well! :)

We also got the chance to see David's parents last week. They drove up for a quick visit and a baseball game-- the Mariners v. the Red Sox! It was wonderful to catch up with them--it's been awhile since our last visit. Although the games didn't bring the Red Sox any closer to the World Series, we had a great time and really enjoyed their first visit to our new home.

One more of "The Mountain."
(Can you tell what our favorite pastime is yet? ;)

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Out with the Old, In with the New

Well, we HAD good intentions of keeping this blog up to date. And often, we even found ourselves talking about posting, but as you can see, sometimes the best of intentions amount to nothing. So, we've decided this narrative blog thing is coming to an end. Now, for all 3 of you reading this;), don't worry, we're not going to stop the blog. We're just going to switch to pictures with captions for most of the time, because I think if we do it that way, you'll get to hear from us more often. If you want to know more, there's always that old thing called the telephone :) (just remember east coasters, we're 3 hours back).
And one more thing, for all you creative people out there, we're also taking suggestions for a new blog name, since we are off the interstate and officially living in the Emerald City of Seattle.

Our first official step towards becoming Seattlelites...anyone need a PA plate? :)

I spent 3 LONG days in the kitchen--unpacking boxes and finding a home for everything. I'm relieved to say it's finally done, and we had our first home cooked meals this week!
A view of our backyard. It's a pretty good size, and has lots of room for BBQs!

We started attending Mars Hill the first Sunday we were in Seattle, and have now enjoyed our 3rd Sunday (time flies! :) It has been exciting, encouraging, and challenging to be in such a great church. Their Gospel class, which is an 8 week teaching series on "the fundamentals of what we believe", started last Sunday and we have decided to take part in that as well. God has also blessed us with a few new friendships within the church. To sum it up, we're happy to be here!