Sunday, January 24, 2010

Family Fun

Family is such a blessing, and we are so thankful to have some of our family living in the seems that slowly but surely, most of David's family is inching closer and
closer to this beautiful corner of the country! :)
We recently added one more brother to the "Parker Bros." of Seattle, as Andrew moved up in the beginning of January! He stayed with us for a few weeks, and is now getting settled in his new apartment. We're so glad to have him up here...although he's been
so busy with his new job we barely see him
(but we're so thankful God provided a job!).

We've also enjoyed some visits from the Pichura clan (David's sister). It is definitely CRAZY when all 8 of them are in our house, but we enjoy every minute of it! They came 2 weeks ago, and are coming again this weekend...and we can't get enough! :)

Our little table gets stretched to capacity with this bunch!

Faith turns 7! She told me she wanted "a doggy cake that's chocolate with chocolate frosting"...this girl knows what she likes! ;)
It took me awhile to come up with a plan, but this is how it turned out. She loved it!

On one of Seattle's notorious "rainy days", we decided to go to the Aquarium...which was great! We enjoyed lots of hands-on stuff, which the kids really enjoyed. We also got to see them feed the fish, the octopus, the seals, and eels!! The kids actually got to feed starfish too, which was really neat. This place is definitely worth going to, rain or shine!