Wednesday, October 31, 2007

WaMu's Halloween Spirit

Just thought this was pretty funny. Michelle and I were driving home tonight and noticed that Washington Mutuals office building had particular office lights left on. :-) It makes for a great Downtown night shot (of which this picture is borrowed).

Saturday, October 27, 2007

An Adoption into the Family

After seeing her in the lot, driving her, and spending minutes bonding with her. I just had to take her home. We have adopted this Mazda pickup into our family. We promise to treat her and love her as we did our Honda, and drive her in a fashion that says nothing less.

Thanks for all your prayers. We received a generous amount from the insurance company for our Honda. Since we have been out here I have wanted a truck, and this seemed like a sovereign time to get one :-). I made a ridiculously low offer on this truck that was 2,500.00 Below what they were asking. They called back and made an offer that was still way higher than I wanted to pay. So I told them if they have any other vehicles that fit my price range to call back. About 10 minutes later I received a call back with an offer for the same vehicle that was $400 above my initial offer. So I am thanking the Lord for allowing us to purchase this vehicle.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Not like this....Not like this....

I was reminded of the line in the Matrix where Switch was watching the "plug" get pulled from a fellow friend, to which she says: "Not like this....Not like this". Well, we aren't in Kansas any more I guess. We have now been officially be welcomed by the city of Seattle.

"Honey, did you move the car?" Was the start of our Tuesday morning. It was a fun day filled with laughter, 911 calls, and a trip to the impound lot. Yes, a little frustrating but nothing to loose sleep over.

Our car was found that morning about 15 miles south of where we live, abandoned in front of a school with the engine still running. They grabbed the hood, bumper, lights, fenders, drivers side window, radio, and my GPS (sorry paul). I also had my toolbox in the trunk with all of my hand tools in there. We have insurance on the vehicle, with a small deductible, so everything but the tools will be covered. I am a little bummed that I lost about $600 dollars in Tools, but I am grateful that the Lord reminded me I left my laptop in the car the evening before it was stolen!

So State farm is processing the vehicle and it sounds like they will total it. The one blessing is that out here state farm gives you what it would cost to replace the vehicle, not what the bluebook value is. So that is encouraging.

But at the end of the day, I am thankful that our car was recovered so the insurance claim could be processed immediately. Otherwise they wait 3-4 weeks before they will process the claim and consider your car a total loss. I am thankful that God is sovereign, and it really is no big deal. A small attack from Satan, and a minor bump in the road.