Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Lightrail...public transit or new date night?

This summer, Seattle unveiled it's new "state of the art" public transit system. Drumroll please...announcing The Lightrail! We decided that it might be fun to try it out for a date night excursion-- Take it till the end of the line, then grab dinner and go to a free concert at the Space Needle. sounds more fun that you thought, huh? :)

We actually had to drive out of the way to get to the station, so we decided it's not very practical. And we discovered it takes at least twice the time to get downtown than driving by car, but hey, it's still a fun ride and very cheap entertainment (we're easily entertained obviously...but, we're not the only ones doing this for fun. My residents at work took a field trip to ride it too!).

Can you feel the excitement ?!

It looks so much like a big city rail system when you look at this picture...but, it's not.
But it's trying reeeaally hard. :)

Part of the rail goes underground, which was by far the coolest part.
They had all this crazy neon artwork up on the ceilings!

What?! You don't have any of these crawling up your ceiling?

We made it! Not that I was worried or can't really get lost on this thing.

Sometimes you get what you pay for...but
there was one band we enjoyed.

Lightrail date night complete!
Well, almost. We still had to take it the whole way back! Not quite as entertaining the second time around, but still a fun trip.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun on the water

We have been blessed with some wonderful friends who are such an encouragement to us...they even let us hang out with them on their boat from time to time!

The Blue Angels come to Seattle every summer, and this year we were able to watch them from Lake Washington, which is directly below their flight path.

My little friend...who is getting big fast!

Our dear friends and their adorable kids. (aren't they cute?!)

The boating version of a tail-gate party...a very tasty tail-gate party.

She posed like this all by herself. Our little Seattle starlet.

A beautiful sunset on the water.