Friday, July 9, 2010

The Only Thing Constant is Jesus

Last month, we celebrated 3 (!) years in Seattle, and next week will mark the 2 year anniversary of purchasing our home in West Seattle. Looking back, a lot of change has occurred in the last 3 years, and looking forward, a lot more change is coming our way! Our "home sweet home" went on the market TODAY (!), and we will be downsizing to move into an apartment in downtown Seattle sometime in August or September (Lord-willing). Yes, this is a LOT of change. Yes, it is a lot of hassle to sell a house in this economy. Yes, we will be sad to leave our neighbors and church family. Yes, we may be crazy ;) But, we strongly feel Jesus calling us to be a part of His new Gospel work at Downtown Cornerstone Church...and since the only constant in life is Jesus, we are packing it up (again) to follow His call to go and make disciples.

More to come soon...